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Where ordinary people become heroes.

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Who can you trust
when you can’t even see?

Life used to be so easy when she was a royal. All she had to worry about was her wardrobe and makeup. Tess Barrett doesn’t know who to trust anymore.


With mid-term exams coming up, the deadline for college applications looming, and her AP Chemistry teacher threatening to make her drop the course, Tess is feeling more pressure than any high school senior should—finding out why an assassin tried to kill her at homecoming.


As if that’s not bad enough, someone hates her so much that he—or she—posts a porno video made to look like Tess is the star. None of it will make a bit of difference if she doesn’t find out who hired the assassin who tried to kill her at homecoming. Tess, her personal assistant Oliver, and MondoHard’s brilliant coder/hacker Derek follow the money. When they discover the trail leads to one of the most powerful men in Washington, D.C., and to someone in her father’s company, Tess is no longer sure she wants to know the truth.


Once the wheels are set in motion, though, there’s no turning back. And with every step she takes, Tess learns the conspiracy against her and everything she holds dear is far deeper and more dangerous than any of them had imagined. She’ll have to trust someone, and it will take every resource she can muster to get to the heart of what these dark forces want…if she survives.

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Where do you run when you're mistaken for someone else?


Jenny Roberts grew up in a house full of men, all involved in law enforcement. So, she knew the odds were stacked against her when she chose to become a cop, from the moment she joined the army to her service as an MP in Iraq and her career as an FBI agent. She’s overcome every obstacle placed in her path. But now her future is full of uncertainty and she’s full of doubt.

A member of an elite counterterrorist “fly team” that thwarted a terrorist plot on the nation’s capital, she finds herself on administrative leave for an “agent-involved shooting” to save her partner from being killed by the terrorist behind the attack. But it’s not a routine investigation. Her partner, the fly team leader, threw her under the bus when the bureau sanctioned the team for “unapproved methods.”


At loose ends, she takes a train to the small Wisconsin town where she grew up, despite the fact that she hasn’t seen her family for more than a decade. Soon after boarding, a case of mistaken identity puts Jenny on the run with a sadistic killer on her trail.

Cut off from the bureau and its resources, Jenny sets out on her own to warn her doppelganger. As soon as she finds the woman, events spiral out of control, and the pair becomes the target of a deadly cross-country chase to Jenny’s home town. There, they and Jenny’s family make a last-ditch stand against all the forces arrayed against them.

But Jenny alone must face the family tragedies that have shaped her—as well as the ruthless killer at the heart of it all.

“…starts your adrenaline flowing and ramps to a frenzy. A thriller that’s impossible to put down.” – Chris Goff, author of Red Sky

StolenIdentity book cover design


Who are you when someone steals your name?

Two men: a former tunnel rat in the Vietnam War and CIA assassin in Cambodia now in his 60s living a quiet life in Ypsilanti, Michigan; and a mysterious mastermind behind a number of major al Qaeda terror attacks since the 1990s. Two sons: a US assistant district attorney in Detroit; and a suspected terrorist awaiting trial for attempting to smuggle explosives across the Canadian border. One grandson: kidnapped and used as leverage.


Zane Keator’s identity is stolen by Zayn al-Qadir to gain entry into the US, and an FBI counterterrorist fly team raids Keator’s house in the middle of the night. Barely escaping, Keator realizes the team came in silent and hot, intending to kill, not capture, him. Fleeing the city in a “borrowed” car, he’s soon the subject of a massive manhunt.


And when his grandson is kidnapped, Keator suspects it has something to do with his own plight. Calling on his former CIA handler in Cambodia and a friend in the DA’s office where his son is preparing the case against suspected terrorist Ahmed Hassan, Keator figures out who’s behind his grandson’s kidnapping and why.


In a desperate race against time, Keator makes his way from Detroit to Washington, D.C., leaving a trail of murder and mayhem in his wake by all those who try to stand in his way. But Keator knows that only he can save his grandson, and he’s the only person who can stop Zayn al-Qadir from carrying out coordinated multi-city terror attacks and the most heinous terrorist act imaginable against the US. 


As the FBI closes in and time runs out, Keator’s showdown with al-Qadir all comes down to two things: his fierce love for his autistic grandson, and an antique weapon he used against the Viet Cong in the Cù Chi tunnels outside Saigon.

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