Tess Barrett Thrillers


Save the world? She can't even see. But with the help of her "seeing-eye guy" Oliver, Tess Barrett confronts the equally dangerous and high-stakes worlds of military espionage, a billion-dollar corporate boardroom, and her final months of high school.

After a year of rehab, Tess Barrett is ready to finish her senior year. On her first day back her father e-mails, asking her to upload some computer files. But he died in the accident that blinded her. Suddenly, more people start dying violently. Tess and her "seeing-eye guy" race to find the files before her uncle, a former assassin, takes over her father's multi-billion dollar software company. And before the killers stalking her get technology that could change the balance of world power.

Only weeks after a shootout nearly killed blind high school senior Tess Barrett and left nine unidentified mercenaries dead, her uncle and guardian, Travis, is kidnapped. Tess and her assistant Oliver soon learn that a game app developed by her father’s company, which Travis now runs, is infected with an artificial intelligence virus that brainwashes game players. To Tess’s horror, she also learns that Travis gave a copy of the infected game app to Austin Dunn, the U.S. vice president’s son. With the clock ticking, Tess and Oliver race to track down Travis, free him from his kidnappers and get to Washington, D.C., before Austin assassinates his own father…

Tremendous book! Flat out loved it. 

Ken Bruen, Shamus, Macavity and Barry

Award-Winning Author of Green Hell




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