• Michael Sherer

Words of The Week

Words of the Week:

chthonic, adj., concerning, belonging to, or inhabiting the underworld;

curmudgeonliness, adj., like a curmudgeon; crusty, ill-tempered;

rumination, n., 1. the act of chewing cud; 2. a deep, philosophical thought;

sumptuous, adj., splendid and expensive-looking; luxurious;

agita, n., indigestion; anxiety, stress or aggravation;

Bohemian, n., “either an artist, or an author, whose special aversion is work, and whose ambition is to excel in some particular walk for which Nature never designed him.” New York Times, 1858.

Thanks again to the WSJ Weekend edition for the inspiration, and to the editor who told me that no one uses words like these in their writing--"nyah, nyah, nyah."



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