• Michael Sherer

Words of the Week:

As always, thanks to the writers and editors at WSJ for their wonderful words.

inflection, n., a change in the form of a word to express a grammatical function; a modulation of intonation or pitch in a voice.

portentous, adj., ominous, fateful or momentous; done in a pompous manner so as to impress.

elucidation, n., clarification; an explanation that makes something clear.

abstruse, adj., obscure, difficult to understand.

corpuscle, n., a minute body or cell in an organism, particularly red or white blood cells of vertebrates; a tiny particle considered the basic constituent or property of light or matter.

cadge, v., scrounge, beg or borrow.

bumptious, adj., conceited or self-assertive to an irritating degree.

lyophilize, v., freeze-dry.

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