• Michael Sherer

Words of the Week:

The WSJ weekend edition’s veritable trove of words, plus two of my own: “surfeit,” to describe this week’s list; and “nonsequitur,” to describe the oxymoronic “humblebrag.”

opprobrium, n., harsh criticism or censure; public disgrace arising from shameful conduct.

antithetical, adj., directly opposed, mutually incompatible.

imprimatur, n., license from the Catholic Church to print a religious book; a personal guarantee.

humblebrag, n., a modest or self-deprecating statement actually meant to draw attention to something of which one is proud.

mucilage, n., a viscous secretion or bodily fluid; adhesive or glue.

bottomry, n., system of merchant insurance in which a ship is used as collateral for a loan to finance a voyage.

abjure, v., solemnly renounce.

encomium, n., a speech in which someone or something is highly praised.

elegiac, adj., relating to the characteristic of an elegy, wistfully mournful.

fug, n., overly warm, smoky or stuffy atmosphere in a room.

pejorative, n., a word expressing contempt, disdain or disapproval.

surfeit, n., excessive amount.

nonsequitur, n., a conclusion that doesn’t logically follow from a previous statement or conclusion; oxymoron.



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