• Michael Sherer

Words of The Week:

Thank you, WSJ. Reader, you may find some themes here, suggesting the sorts of essays in which these words appeared.

shindig, n., a large, lively party or celebration.

kjamboree, n., a celebration or boisterous party; a rally, convention or conference.

surfeit, n., an excessive amount of something.

exonerate, v., to unburden or relieve someone from a duty or obligation; to absolve of wrongdoing after due consideration.

bailiwick, n., the jurisdiction of a bailiff; one’s sphere of influence or area of interest.

polymath, n., a person of wide-ranging knowledge or interests.

rue, v., bitterly regret.

lubricious, adj., offensively displaying, or intending to arouse, sexual desire.

concupiscence, n., lust.

salacious, adj., having or conveying undue interest in sexual matters.



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