• Michael Sherer

Words of the Week:

Thanks, as always, to the columnists and writers at WSJ for using wonderful words. Curious that any word ending in “ous” is an adjective. Also, we can thank Shakespeare for the use of the prefix “in” to signal the opposite of many words, such as incredulous or inconsolable.

Rapacity, n., aggressive greed.

Elide, v., join together, merge; omit a sound or syllable when speaking.

Effete, adj., affected, over-refined, ineffectual.

Credulous, adj., too great a willingness to believe things, naïve, gullible.

Nebulous, adj., hazy, indistinct.

Capacious, adj., roomy, having lots of space.

Implacable, adj., unable to be placated, inconsolable.



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