• Michael Sherer

Words of The Week:

Oh, what fun it is to write… No, not on a one-horse open sleigh, but a word processor. Strange thought, that, processing words like canned food or some other commodity.

paucity, n., place where canines congregate, such as a dog park.

hegemony, n., cash stash, usually under a mattress, as a safeguard in the event of an apocalypse.

pedantic, n., spontaneous happy dance performed by ordinary people in selfies posted on social media.

polemical, adj., relating to or involving the type of humor engendered by amateur pole dancing.

atavism, n., vocal encouragement usually reserved for dogs or small children attempting a feat designed to make the supporter feel a sense of pride, such as “attaboy” or “[th]at’s the ticket.”

emulate, n., throat-clearing expression reluctantly signifying someone’s tardiness. Origin: English, late 19th century, “Ahem, you’re late.”



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