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Words of the Week:

Are we having fun yet?

condescending, n., of or like Trump exiting Air Force One.

testiculate, v., gesturing forcefully while slinging bullshit.

mendacity, n., place where Build-A-Bears go when they’ve been played with too hard.

autoimmune, adj., of or relating to a person who insists on taking only public or bipedal transportation.

excursus, n., digressions or asides in which one rues the day one was married to another person.

snurring, n., the action or fact of a woman making a sound while asleep that her partner dare not call snoring, but rather something closer to purring.

enjambment, n., in jazz, the capture, containment and continuation of melodic riffs beyond the end of the song; also called “Dave Matthews syndrome.”

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