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Words of the Week:

See if you can guess the content of the stories in this week’s WSJ “Weekend” from the words I found.

capaciousness, n., roominess, space for a large volume.

bellicose, adj., demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight; belligerent.

abstruse, adj., difficult to understand; obscure.

bothying, v., hiking from one bothy (rudimentary shelter in the wilderness; orig., Scottish huts for farm laborers or estate workers) to another.

banlieue, n., a suburb of a French city, esp. Paris.

diabolize, v., portray or represent as diabolical.

cynosure, n., the thing that is at the center of attention.

sacerdotal, adj., relating to priests or the priesthood.

elision, n., the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking, e.g., “I’m.”

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